35022 – 18.10.2022 – still docked in Bremerhaven

Good Morning y’all! We are still docked in Bremerhaven and are doing lots more training as we will set sail tomorrow morning. Yesterday many of the students got to climb the rigging and set sails in the day and we all spent 3 hours after lunch helping load food onto the ship and bonding during the process. A good hunk of the students and the German Crew gathered together in the mess to sing German sea shanties in the evening. It was pretty groovy! 🙂


Time: 0800 hrs UTC

Date: 18/10/2022

Latitude: 53 deg 53 min N

Longitude: 8 deg 58 min W

Average Speed Last 24h: 0.0 knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: 0 Nautical miles (nm)

Total distance traveled this voyage: nm

Total distance to destination: 14,000 nm

Temperature: 12 degree C

Sea state: 1 Beaufort Scale

Wind: Force 2 (light breeze)

Sailing status: no sails up

Log Keeper: Alex McMenomy