35022 – 19.10.2022 – depart Bremerhaven today

Yesterday was another day of sail training before we depart Bremerhaven today. Provisions are stored, students now know how to hoist sails and the excitement-level is through the roof.


Time: 08:00

Date: 19.10.2022

Latitude: 53.5

Longitude: 8.6

Average Speed last 24h: 0 km/h

Distance in last 24h: 0 km/h 

Total distance travelled this voyage: 0 km/h 

Total distance to destination: 14 000 nautical miles

Temperature: 12 (Celsius)

Sea state: 1 (Beaufort scale)

Wind: Force 2

Sailing status: no sails up

Log Keeper: Mila Träger.