35022 – 20.10.2022 – 2am the engine was turned off

Yesterday we pulled away from Bremerhaven and hit the water! We left in the early evening and stopped for a while in the sea lock before reaching the open waters of the North Sea. We powered north under engine until 2am when the engine was turned off and we switched to sails. Our watches started and we’ve now got 3 days of sail training with no lessons, doing the “maritime” watch of 4 hours during the day and then 2 hours at night on our rotations. We’re learning the German names for all the lines and the sails, but that’s coming pretty quick and we’ve already worked hard with Hols and Wegs. The backschaft has also started so we’re learning to use the dishpit and get everything in and out of the mess efficiently.

Time: 8am

Date: 20th of October 2022

latitude: 54 degrees 50 minutes N

longitude: 7 degrees 55 minutes East

Average speed: 6 and a half knats

distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 92 nautical miles

total distance travelled: 45 nautical miles

distance to destination: 45 nautical miles

temperature: 11 degrees celcius

sea state: half a meter

wind: South East

sailing status: 6 sails and will add two sails after colors

Log-keeper: Maia and Keira