35022 – 21.10.2022 – we pulled into Denmark

Yesterday we pulled into Denmark for fuel, set sails and did a lot of napping. There is a few of us who are sea sick and a lot of us taking gravol. Last night we did our second night watch, it was cloudy and some of us got rained on and the rest of us were lucky. We should arrive to France in four days to drop some crew members off and then it is about 8 days to Portugal. 


Time: 08:00

Date: 21.10.2022 (21 of October)

Latitude: 55 N

Longitude: 6 E

Average Speed last 24h: 3.5kn

Distance in last 24h: 60kn

Total distance travelled this voyage: 199km

Total distance to destination: 477 km

Temperature: 14 (Celsius)

Sea state: 2 (Beaufort scale)

Wind: Force 3 or 10kn

Sailing status: 7

Log Keeper: Rafferty Eddy