35022 – 17.10.2022 -learning safety procedures

Good Morning,

Yesterday we spent the day learning safety procedures and getting our harness fitted. We got our first taste of back-shaft, which means we got to set up the mess and clean all the dishes after everyone was done their food. Then after lunch we got a preview of the beautiful sails. Our watch’s each got to work together to set a sail. We ended the day off with an all hands meeting and stargazing on the main deck.

October 2022

Longtuide and latitude – lat 53 long 8

Average speed in the last 24 hour – by the ship 0

Distance travelled in the last 24 hour -by the ship 0

Distance travelled this voyage – 0 nautical miles since we got on the ship

Total distance to destinations- 14,000 nautical miles

Temperature- 12 degree Celsius

Sea state -1

Wind – light breeze

Sailing status – no sails

Log keeper – Lauren Dupuis