35522 – 05.01.2023 – Yesterday was the day before exams

Yesterday was the day before exams and tensions are rising. Everyone did their final study sessions and reviews as we prepare to anchor in Barbados today. As we approach Barbados, we also approach the end of the semester. Many watches had their final day watch of semester 1 yesterday. Watch 4 celebrated their final daytime shift on top of the chart house and afterwards watch 5 completed a halse maneuver to get us in the direction of Barbados. Yesterday was sunny and hot with some light rain occasionally. The wind was very strong, and allowed us to be ahead of schedule to reach our final port. Maryn and Pasha, founders of Waxing Club Wednesday, held their first and last waxing meeting of the semester during study hall. Their customers were quite pleased with their results. For breakfast, we started the day with banana pancakes

(10/10), lunch was vegetarian bolognaise (11/10), and for dinner we feasted on the finest mac n’ cheese (12/10).

Date: January 5, 2023

Time: 0800 hours

Wind: Maybe good sometimes, maybe bad sometimes (changes a lot) Sea State: Moist F5

Number of Sails: 4

Temperature: 24 degrees

Distance in the last 24 hours: 113 nautical miles

Distance to destination: Swimming distance 25 nautical miles

Total distance travelled this voyage: 6623 nautical miles

Average speed: 4.7 nautical miles

Log Keepers: The OG’s, Lauren and Ani


Figure 1. Studying for exams in the mess while eating some cookies

Figure 2. Waxing Club Wednesday and their first client