35522 – 06.01.2023 – see you soon


Yesterday afternoon marked the start of final exams. Students are studying really hard in the mess! Four more sunsets until the end of semester one and being on land again 🙂 see you soon mom and dad!!



Sailing info:

Time: 0800 UTC-4

Date: 06/01/2023

Latitude: 13 deg 06 min N

Longitude: 59 deg 37 min W

Average Speed Last 24h: 4.5 knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: 20 Nautical miles (nm)

Total distance traveled this voyage: 6530 nm

Total distance to destination: 0 nm

Temperature: 27.5 degree C

Sea state: F1

Wind: Force 1

Sailing status: docked in port for immigration purpose but we’ll be anchored at sea later today.

Log Keeper: Ellie