35522 – 01.01.2023 – Happy new year

Happy New Year! We spent the last day of 2022 having a leisurely departure from Paramaribo, Suriname. Students spent the day studying for their upcoming exams and attending SOCO so that they could debrief about their wonderful trip to the jungle and into the city of Paramaribo. By the time evening approached we were already back into a new watch rotation, and everyone was eagerly awaiting midnight so that they could go to bed. The cooks prepared us a lovely juice to toast with at midnight and a small snack was waiting for us before everyone crawled into bed. Everyone is very excited for what 2023 will bring and all ofour adventures ahead. Wishing everyone at home a happy and heathy new year!


PS – everyone was so focussed on the chiming of the bell for new year that I couldn’t find any photos of the event except this one! Say hi to Ralf, our Michelin-started chef

Time: 0800

Latitude: 7 degrees 14.07

Longitude: 55 degrees 59.43

Average speed in the last 24hrs: 5.25kn

Distance in 24h: 126nm

Total distance travelled: 6058.00nm

Distance to destination: 413.00nm

Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius

Sea state: F3

Wind: 15kn

Sails: 10

Log Keeper: Ani