35522 – 31.12.2022 – heading to Barbados

On 31 December 2022, the Alexander von Humboldt 2 left Suriname and is now heading to Barbados. All of Class Afloat came together to finish provisioning. A special boat docked along side the ship, that had extra food for provisioning. We then set our sails and began our journey to Barbados. To end this on a good note, the ship is excited for the new year.


Sincerely, Samuel Wallace


Time: 8am

Date: 31th of December 2022

Latitude: 05 degrees 31 minutes N

Longitude: 55 degrees 12 minutes W

Average speed: 2 knots

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: N/A

Total distance travelled:5933 nautical miles

Distance to destination: 539 nautical miles

Temperature: 24 degrees Celsius

Wind: West, Force 4

Sailing status: no sails, leaving port

Log-keeper: Wallace