35522 – 02.01.2023 – Hello to the outside world!

Hello to the outside world! Today the exam schedule got released. With that the anticipation of arriving in Barbados continues to rise. There are lots of mixed emotions. People are happy to be able to see their families but also sad because arriving means the departure of some of our crew mates. It is raining today but the wind is stiff, so it means good sailing. We have all our topsails set as well as our course sails and our lower stay sails. Much luck to everyone in this final push to complete our courses and this section of our adventure. 


Time:​​   ​          0800

Date:​​​              January 2nd, 2023

Latitude:​​​​9° 12’ N

Longitude:​​             56° 41’ W

Average speed in last 24hrs:​​5.3 Kn

Distance in last 24hrs:​​​126 nm

Total distance to detention:​​290 nm to Barbados

Temperature:​​​25° C

Sea state:​​       ​F4

Wind:​​​       ​20 Kn

Sailing status:​​​12 sails set

Log Keeper:​​​    Jacob