35422 – 24.12.2022 – we’ve almost finished the Atlantic crossing

The 23rd consisted of waiting for the 24th. It was the last day of class before a long, well-deserved break. We’re all very tired and staying focused in class is hard, but we’ve almost finished the Atlantic crossing. The day went by very fast and ended with a fun Christmas quiz with the winners only winning by half a point. All in all, it was a good last push before the Christmas break. Apologies for sending this late.





Latitude : 6° 47min

Longitude : 55° 3min

Ave. Speed 7.38 kn

Distance last 24h : 177 NM

Total distance this voyage :5932 NM

Total distance to destination: 70 NM


Sea state: F3

Wind: 18 kn

Sails up: 6

Log keeper: Calvin