35422 – 25.12.2022 – we commenced our Deck Olympics

Daily Update – Liv


Yesterday, in honour of Christmas Eve, we commenced our Deck Olympics, planned by Pasha and Jacob. In this event, Watches 1 through 6 competed against each other and an elite team of Alex II Stamm Crew.


To start, Michael and Bernd judged a Clar Deck Race to see which watch could coil all the ropes onto the nagelbanks with the most speed and accuracy. Although, the Alex II Elites were indeed the swiftest and neatest, they ultimately got disqualified as Ada was seen putting knots in the rope before Watch 6’s attempt.


Next up, each watch chose their 4 strongest opponents for a heaving line toss. There were some valiant attempts, with lines soaring gracefully from the charthouse down onto the Hauptdeck, and there were some less valiant attempts, scuppered by the pesky rigging or by misjudging the width of the ship. Again, it was the Alex II Elites in first place, but ultimately, they got disqualified for Basti’s terribly offensive trash talk against the other Watches.

For the last round of the day, each watch helped reunite Keira’s beautiful Stanley the Snowman with his nose. Thankfully the Alex II crew did not win that one, so we didn’t have to make up a reason to disqualify them.


We have one more event to go, but the winning team will be announced before the term is out.


The afternoon was much less competitive. Craft activities and naps were the order of business, we watched Polar Express in the mess, and the last Secret Santa gifts were secured for the big day. We had an evening of festive carol singing organised by Camille, before getting an early night. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the crew, not a creature was stirring, not even a Drew. The stockings were taped to cabin doors with care, filled with snacks to consume until St. Nicholas was here.


Father Liv-Mas


Date: Sunday 25th December, IT’S CHRIIIIIIIISTMAS

Latitude: 050 51’N

Longitude: 0550 06’W

Average speed: 4 knots

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 79nm

Total distance travelled: 5952nm

Distance to Paramaribo?: 6 nm

Temperature: 250C

Sea State: 1

Sailing Status: At anchor, 5 shackles on Deck.

Log keeper: Luisa