35422 – 23.12.2022 – we build gingerbread houses

Yesterday was another beautiful, sunny day. As the countdown to Christmas draws nearer to a close, floaties have been gathering to build gingerbread houses, decorate the tree, and watch classic Christmas films. It is also common to see hammocks set up on the foredeck, with some people even choosing to sleep overnight under the stars.



Daily Update: December 23, 2022

Time: 0800

Date: 23.12.2022

Latitude: 06 deg 31.8 min N

Longitude: 52 deg 06.51 min W

Average Speed Last 24h: 7.38 kn

Total distance traveled this voyage: 5755 nm Total distance to destination: 202 nm    Temperature: 27 degrees Celsius

Sea State: 4

Wind: 5

Sailing status: 10 sails

Log Keeper: Marci