35422 – 20.12.2022 –  Christmas karaoke

All watches woke up with 40min of extra sleep due to Time-change, we are now in UTC -3. The sailing was smooth and classes were as usual. We finished the night off with Christmas karaoke. My watch, Watch 2, joined at 8pm and sang “All I want for Christmas is you” by Maria Carey. There was a lot of laughter and questioning of the meaning of some songs. There was even the interruption of watch 3 singing “Silent Night.” I wish you a Merry Christmas as it is only 4 days away (from December 19th)!


-Scarlett Vincent


Time: 8:00am

Date: December 20, 2022



Average Speed Last 24h: 6.78

Distance in last 24 hrs:

Total distance traveled this voyage:

Total distance to destination: 644

Temperature: 26* C

Sea state: 3

Wind: 4/5

Sailing status:

Log Keeper: Camille