35422 – 21.12.2022 – we saved a small population of potatoes

The 20th of December was a pretty good day. It happened three days ago, for which I apologise. So let’s go back in time…


There was 4 to 5 days until Christmas (depending on who you ask), tensions are slowly rising! AND only three days until the OS exams!! You could see students vigorously speed learning everything they have to for it, they’re all so stressed even the AB’s were hiding from them in hopes to avoid further questioning. At the end of the day there was a Christmas movie set up in the dungeon called Love Actually. Another event I find necessary to mention was when “yours truly” and Calvin saved a small population of potatoes who’s fate would have been to be brutally peeled during night watches but now have become art in forms of certain watch leads faces. It’s a  way to pay back our respect to our dutiful volunteer crew!



Time: 8:00

Date: 21/12/22

Latitude: 36degrees 29min N

Longitude: 39degrees 29min W

Average speed last 24h: 6.8nm

Distance in the last 24 hours: 169nm

Total distance travelled this voyage:5379nm

Total distance to destination: 392nm

Temperature: 24degrees Celsius

Sea state: 4

Wind: 5

Sailing status: 8 sails up

Log keeper: Marci