35422 -19.12.2022 – a Day in the Life of Lea

35422 -19.12.2022 – a Day in the Life of Lea


A Spectacularly Brief Account of a Day in the Life of Lea

  • ate some bread before watch
  • watch 4-6
  • lauren did her introduction, nearly fell asleep
  • checked all the lines to make sure they were either tight or loose enough – 10 min limit
  • did 3rd helm
  • climbed up to the fore bram sail in the dark with my blazers (not the best climbing

shoe) , looked down at the water

  • ada = abba
  • temp: a cool temperature though a bit warmer, shorts and a long sleeve shirt kind of


  • stayed until watch 2 to watch the sunrise (purple and orange sky)
  • helped out a little with the ober bezzan sail
  • grabbed my phone and drawing booklet to draw the clouds though by the time I came

back up, the orange sunrise was gone ;(

  • the sunrise in the Atlantic is beautiful from the charthouse

◦ imagine having a picture of the Atlantic sea in your home with the waves crashing by and the sky changing so frequently throughout the day. It’s in moments like watching the sunrise on the chart house, that you realize life is really precious and a gift. That how you spend your day matters. Because time keeps ticking by, you cannot get yesterday back.

◦ To quote Ellie: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift that’s why they call it the present”

  • it’s Alejandro’s (boy alex) 18th birthday!!
  • unfortunately not as much boatsman work today – Sunday
  • breakfast 7:30
  • cereal and cinnamon rolls
  • colours
  • Christmas photo with xmas outfit (some pictures can be previews for the CAF group xmas photos!)
  • chores
  • no class
  • took 1 hr nap
  • econ period 2: 10:05-12
  • lunch
  • pan-fried potatoes and onions and half of a burger
  • no class
  • deep ship clean
  • snack
  • coconut macarons dipped half with chocolate
  • birthday cake for alex’s 18th: cherry crumble cake (was pretty good, but i would have

preferred a different flavour tbh)

  • watch 4-6 pm
  • 2nd lookout
  • didn’t pull or douse any sails
  • dinner
  • starch potatoes, green beans, and chicken (seasoned well)
  • soci — normally
  • finished ghostbusters and started age of ultron (marvel)
  • suffering from slight dehydration and too much bread
  • me time 🙂
  • [currently trying to read: Nonviolent Communication – A language of life] book recommended by beth!!
  • brush the teeth, retainer, organize bed for sleep, sleep
  • wake up for watch 4-6 am; Cole is on back shaft tmrw signing out: Lea Ritzenhoff


this morning 19th, 2022

  • woke up 3:30-3:40 am for watch 4-6
  • did first helm

◦ course: 216

◦ rudder angle: midship to 2 points starboard

  • doused the oberbezzan segel (at the stern of the ship)
  • relearned how to belay the lines after pulling or dousing a sail
  • did wake ups

◦ saw marci in the kitchen, again helping out the cooks and got an quality apple slice 2

  • relearned how to belay the lines after pulling or dousing a sail
  • did wake ups

◦ saw marci in the kitchen, again helping out the cooks and got a quality apple slice

  • watch change
  • went to bed for an extra 1hr 30 min
  • breakfast
  • the usual besides pancakes, bagels and cinnamon rolls (ate the last cream cheese)
  • did the colours announcements
  • karaoke in the dungeon tonight
  • the ship shop is opening up at 3
  • watch 5 has their laundry day
  • ella is desperately looking for her bob marley t-shirt (insisting she won’t get off the ship

if she can’t find it)

  • activity: 3…2…1… yelling “I love life”
  • chores
  • blitz team (helping backshaft clean up)


December 19th, 2022

  • Time: 8 am (UTC-2)
  • Date: 12/19/22
  • Latitude: 07° 35’ N
  • Longitude: 043° 04’ W
  • Avg. Speed in 24hrs: 7 knots
  • Distance Travelled in 24hrs: 169 nautical miles (nm)
  • Total distance of entire journey so far: 5074 nm !!!
  • Temp: 26°5 C
  • Sea State: f4
  • Wind: f5 / f6
  • Sail Status: 6 sails set

Log Keeper: Camille