35422 -18.12.2022 –  My watch is enjoying they’re new spot

After an exciting day off of lessons, yesterday was spent settling in to our new watch times and back in to lessons. My watch is enjoying they’re new spot as they get to see both sunset and sunrise each day, topping off last night’s watch with star gazing and giggling while laying atop the chart house. Some of our students have found a new way to torture Rob with chemistry themed renditions of Ed Sheeran songs, while others have begun exploring their passions for helping in the kitchen, including making us burgers for dinner! Students can also often be found making the most of the sun on deck… sometimes with friends. Finally, we made radio contact with the Swedish sailing school that was parked as our neighbour back in Cabo Verde last night and again this morning, exchanging Christmas carols and asking about exchanging goods for Nutella. Perhaps we will get to see them in the coming days.


P.S. Hi mommy!


Time: 08:00

Date: December 18th, 2022

Latitude: 9 deg 36 min N

Longitude: 41 deg 07 min W

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 6 knotts

Distance travelled in last 24 hours: 148 nm

Total distance sailed: 4905 nm

Distance to destination:

Temperature: 27 degrees

Sea State: F3

Wind: F5

Sailing status: 10 sails

Log keeper: Camille