35422 -17.12.2022 – Only 8 days till Christmas!!!!

Yesterday we had no classes!!! Most of us spent the day sleeping or tanning but there were also a variety of training sessions arranged by the crew including tours of the engine room, navigation, radio communications and cooking with the chefs. It was a glorious sunny day with many flying fish. OS classes kept on running and so did watches. We also changed the schedule, again – we’re on the second to last rotation. And… we’re nearly at 5000nm!!!

Only 8 days till Christmas!!!! Everyone’s getting excited to have TWO free days off!! Woop woop!

Maia Vincent


17th of December 2022

Latitude: 11 degrees 10.8 minutes N

Longitude: 39 degrees 14 minutes W

Avg Speed in the last 24h: 6.13 knots

Distance in the last 24h: 147 nm

Total distance voyage: 4757 nm

Total distance to destination: 1025 nm

Temperature: 27 degrees

Sea state: F3

Wind force: 5

Sail status: 10

Log Keeper: Scarlett & Drew