35322 – 30.11.2022 – 15 sails set by the end of the day!

Although I (Naomi) spent the day on backshaft, the six watches were very busy! Watch 1 set the Oberbesan and Watch 3 inspected the rigging. We also set a new record, with 15 sails set by the end of the day! Today ended with a dolphin sighting and a gorgeous sunset. P.S. We miss the parents a lot since leaving you all in Tenerife!


Date: November 30, 2022

Time: 08:00

Latitude: 23°N

Longitude: 18°W

Temperature: 20°C

Sails set: 11

Total distance in the last 24 hours: 203 nm

Total distance travelled: 3038 nm

Distance to destination: 545 nm

Sea state: F3

Average speed: 7.2 knots

Log keeper: Shadow Sharks ♡