35322 – 29.11.2022 – a speed of 8.5 kn blasting our way southwest

After a normal start to our day (wake-ups at 7 am), we had to say good-bye to our parents. Around 10 am, we departed from our docking position from Tenerife. There was an all-hands called so we could unfurl the sails, which lasted for an hour. We would eat an amazing lentil soup and have youghurt for lunch. During the afternoon, we would set 8 sails and hit a speed of 8.5 kn blasting our way southwest.


Date: Nov 29, 2022

Time: 0800

Lat: 26°N

Long: 17°W

Average Speed: 8.5 kn

Distance in last 24 hours: 154 kn

Total distance travelled: 7835 nm

Distance to Next destination: 720 nm

Sails up: 7

Sea State: F3

Keepers: Kailey and Renee