35322 – 01.12.2022 – The sailing days have been great

It’s December! Christmas time has finally descended upon us! It’s time to pull out the music, movies, elf on the shelf and everyone’s favorite game: Secret Santa!


As you can sea… (ha! see what I did there with the see and sea… you get it!) from the pictures below, we have slowly been losing our minds at sea, but we are still going strong! After a very successful parent port filled with amazing programs such as the Sail Training program led by Sarah, Naomi, Kailey Marci, Sophia, and Scarlett, we have gone back out on the Atlantic Ocean. The sailing days have been great! Days have been flying by! Everyone is incredibly excited for Cabo Verde, where most of us will be participating in snorkeling, scuba diving, and a walk around a beautiful island.


0800 hours

Long: 21 degrees 15’ W

Lat: 22 degrees 37’ N

Sails: 11

Wind: 14 knots

SeaState: 3

Speed: 6 knots

Distance in the last 24H: 160 nautical Miles

Distance to destination: 453 nautical Miles

Log Keeper: Watch 4 AKA The Shadow Sharks