35322 – 02.12.2022 – Mariah Carey can be heard from every corner

Today, Christmas is in full swing aboard the Alex-II! Floaties are doing everything they can to get into the Christmas spirit. The wrapping on advent calendars have been torn off, Christmas sweaters have been put on, and Mariah Carey can be heard from every corner of the vessel. Many floaties have begun to decorate their cabins and the mess with lights and paper snowflakes. There’s even an elf on the shelf!


Time: 0800

Position: 20 41’N 22 18’ W

Temperature: 23 C

Sea State: F3

Wind Speed: 13 knots

Sailing Status: 12 sails up

Wind Direction: NE

Distance Travelled in the last 24 hrs: 137 nm

Distance to Destination: 273 nm

Total Distance Travelled: 3,268 nm

Log Keepers: Kailey and Alex