35322 – 03.12.2022 – Kraig, our resident elf, is disappeared

Yesterday was marked by the tragic disappearance of Kraig, our resident elf. We had welcomed him onboard on the occasion of Saint Nicholas Day but, three days before the festivities, he vanished. Our inspection squadrons of floaties were deployed to search for him, without success. The day went on and the ship shop was opened with great success; people were flooding in, battling over spicy ramen and trying to bargain for gummy bears and Oreos.


In the afternoon, we were all woken up or interrupted in our classes at 16:30 by the cry

« DOLPHINS! LOTS OF DOLPHINS!». We were all on deck in a heartbeat to watch dozens of dolphins parade around the bow, jumping at astounding heights and swimming playfully next to us. They stayed there for an entire hour, and the offgoing watch told us it had been their best watch yet.


At dinner, no news of Kraig were found. Our best investigators are on the case, but if you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact us asap.


Date: December 3rd 2022

Latitude: 19°N

Longitude: 23°W

Sails up: none (engine)

Sea state: F1

Temperature: 24°C

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 2.6 knots Distance to destination: 169nm

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 122nm Total distance travelled this voyage: 3,390nm   Logkeepers: Kailey and Kiran