35022 – 25.10.2022 – Good morning! (A little late!!)

Yesterdays classes proceeded as usual. Floaties are slowly recovering from the storm we endured and the seasickness that came along with it. As we motored out of the English channel, the wind was not ideal for setting sails, so we had mostly calm day and night watches. Our ETA for anchorage in Cherbourg, France is the 26th of October at around 8am BST, where we’ll be dropping off some of our maritime crew and meeting some new.

P.S. Prepare to receive texts and calls from your floatie… we will be close enough to land to have service…

time 0800

date 25 October 2022

lat 50 degrees 38 mins

long 0 degrees 32 mins

average speed last 24 hours: 4 knots

distance last 24 hours: 83 nm

total distance this voyage: 597.6 nm

total distance to destination: 100 nm

temp: 15 degrees Celsius

sea state: 5

wind: 18-20 knots

sailing status: none

log keeper: Camille