35022 – 23.10.2022 – a day in the life of Lea

Sunday, Oct 23, 2022, 11:46 AM

8th day on the Alex-2!!

  • woke up this morning; 6:59 am
  • got out of bed after 12 minutes
  • breakdast at 7:20-45 am
  • ate some bread with salami and cucumbers & had some tea,
  • wasn’t feeling completely well, still car sick feeling and a sore throat


  • WATCH 8-10
  • put on some layers as it was more windy and colder than yesterday
  • Was the lookout for the first hour 8-9
  • Climbed up the rigging, to untie the sails with basti, bernhardt, and jakob
  • after came back done, felt much better as being higher has better wind, air, made me feel better and not so sick. Came down at 9:40
  • took “baby” steps
  • went to the front rigging, untied the second of the front sails then retied it because the captain didn’t need it anymore. And then untied the second to the sail (jib) in the back
  • the water was pretty calm, steady, tame
  • not crashing like crazy
  • *last night did not sleep as well*
  • finished watch at 10:20
  • went to sociology class first in the dungeon and then moved class to the mess to do the assignment (due on the 28th)


  • LUNCH 11:30
  • 7.5-8/10
  • Macaroni – long pasta that looked like macaroni bits but longer and bean   stew
  • finished eating quickly, went to my cabin and listened to music as well as wrote in my daily journal
  • potentially taking a nap, or doing work in bed


  • Econ class 2-3:30/4
  • robbie bobby
  • watched good will hunting and bambi
  • dinner
  • porky tenderloin with rice and gravy 9.5/10
  • Went into a storm, rain, lightning and supposedly big waves
  • hit 60 knots of wind


  • WATCH 8-10
  • practically sang the entire time with lauren
  • watched the lightning
  • called Tom “Tim”
  • explained what WAP meant, sorta welfare association particle, sang milkshake
  • watch change no cami and no marci/marton
  • did the fire run with lauren
  • ate a snack, a ton of nutella
  • crew mate rafael made some disgusting concoction of yogurt, milk, water, cinnamon, oatmeal, nutella = might be the end of me, cause I tried it
  • updating this daily thing and trying to fall asleep






Time: 8 am

Date: 24th of October 2022

latitude: 51 degrees 43 minutes N

longitude: 2 degrees 12 minutes East

Average speed: negative 1 knots !!!

distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 55 nautical miles

total distance travelled: 495nautical miles

distance to destination: 190 nautical miles

temperature: 16 degrees celcius

sea state: 1.5 meters

wind: South West, Force 8

sailing status: no sails, currently the ship is going backwards.


Log-keeper: Lea