35022 – 24.11.2022 – The merge of two worlds

Yesterday  we woke up with excitement brewing in the air as the thought of seeing our parents after a long time away settled in our minds. The day began with the usual ritual of early 7:30 am breakfast with backshaft powering through. Then, at 8 am we made our way up to the main deck to gather for colours. As we discussed the longitude and what not, we could see Santa Cruz Tenerife slowly submerging from the distance. The boat was accessorized by all of us floaties standing on the layers of each yard as we pulled into the port. We then, each one at a time, reunited with whoever came to share a few days with us before shipping off to a new location. The family on the boat finally got to meet families from back home. The merge of two worlds was  CRAZY!


Date: Wednesday 24rd November 2022

Latitude: 28° 52N

Longitude: 15° 24W

Average speed: 0

Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 0 NM

Total distance travelled: 2664 NM

Distance to Tenerife: 0 NM

Temperature: 21°C

Sea State: 0

Wind: 1

Sailing Status: at harbor