30824 – The channel in sight

Daily update:

  • Time: 0800
  • Date: April 7th 2024
  • Longitude: 1 degree 27 minutes East
  • Latitude: 50 degrees 52 minutes North
  • Average speed in the last 24hrs: 7nm
  • Distance in the last 24hrs: 165nm
  • Distance to destination: 350nm
  • Total distance travelled: 13,237nm
  • Temperature: 13 degrees Celsius
  • Sea state: 3
  • Wind: 4
  • Sailing status: 4 sails
  • Log keepers: Liam

Our floaties woke up to a wonderful sunny day after a night of chopy seas at up to 10 knots speed. Classes resumed after a winderfzl shore leave and port programme in France. Floaties are now on the last leg of their journey and their last watch rotation, everybody managed to get to breakfast, watch and class without so much confusion, well done! The ship entered one of the busiest maritime route in the world and set out the sails for a smooth ride across the channel.