30824 – Our last voyage

Daily update:

  • Time: 0800
  • Date: April 6th 2024
  • Longitude: 2 degrees 25 minutes West
  • Latitude: 49 degrees 47 minutes North 
  • Average speed in the last 24hrs: 7nm
  • Distance in the last 24hrs: 89nm
  • Distance to destination: 609nm
  • Temperature: 13 degrees Celsius 
  • Sea state: 3
  • Wind: 4 
  • Sailing status: 1 sail up 
  • Log keepers: Finn and Erica

Some people were crazy enough to wake up early and go on a morning run. Others chose the more reasonable path and slept in – but either way, we all had to be at colours for 8:00am. After we did our chores we were free to explore St. Malo. Some groups went out for breakfast and coffees while others stayed on the boat to catch extra sleep. People were getting snacks in preparation for our final sail to Bremerhaven. Later in the evening we set sail and students have mixed feelings about their last voyage on the Alex.