30824 – Mixed feelings

Daily update:

  • Time: 0800
  • Date: April 8th 2024 
  • Latitude: 52 degrees 47 minutes North
  • Longitude: 4 degrees 11 minutes East 
  • Average speed in the last 24h: 7.4nm
  • Distance in the last 24h: 178nm
  • Distance to destination: 175nm
  • Total distance so far: 13393nm
  • Sea state: 2 
  • Wind state: 1 
  • Temperature: 11 degrees Celsius 
  • Sailing status: on engine 
  • Log keeper: Noah

It’s coming closer to the end of our final voyage on the Alex-2 and we are all taking in our final experience on board. Even though we all know its almost time to pack and give the ship its final clean and goodbye, there has been high morale this sail. It’s been 6 long months aboard the ship so I know coming close to the end their are a lot of mixed feelings. Overall we are all grateful for the once in the lifetime experience we are able to accomplish onboard. We’ve all been taking in as much time on deck as possible these last few days, enjoying the final sunsets and taking in the time we have together. We wish family and friends all the best and are grateful for your continuous support. – Noa