30824 – The last full sailing day

Daily update:

  • Time: 0800
  • Date: April 9th 2024
  • Latitude: 53 degrees 50 minutes North
  • Longitude: 7 degrees 3 minutes East 
  • Average speed in the last 24h: 4nm 
  • Distance in the last 24h: 83nm 
  • Distance to destination: 17nm 
  • Total distance so far: 13476
  • Sea state: 1
  • Wind state: 1 
  • Temperature: 11 degrees Celsius 
  • Sailing status: on engine 
  • Log keeper: Finn

Today was our last full sailing day; tomorrow we will drop the anchor and be in Germany soon. Students enjoyed the service on deck between classes and many students climbed up the rigging to watch the sunset while we sailed for the final time. Finally, we bonded in our last night watch of Class Afloat. – Emmy