30724 – Welcome to St. Malo

Daily update:

  • Date: April 2nd 2024
  • Time: 8:00am
  • Lat: 48 degrees 39’W
  • Long:2 degrees 1’N
  • Distance last 24hr: 23 nm
  • Speed last 24hr: ~ 2knts (20/24 hours in port)
  • Total distance This voyage: 13,035nm
  • Sea state: Calm
  • Wind state: Light breeze
  • Sailing status: In port
  • Log keeper: Justin

The floaties had a wonderful arrival day today. We woke up with a view of continental land for the first time in months. By 10am floaties were either on deck helping with the preparations for port or giving our home a nice deep clean. Classes went on as usual and students found themselves looking at the beautiful old town of St Malo in between. The students then packed the loose sails in the off and on rainy/sunny weather (some swear they saw some snow fall). We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner from Andreas before the students spent the night planing trains to Paris or activities in the area, all excited for the coming days.