30724 – Shore leave ahead

Daily update:

  • Date: April 1st 2024
  • Time: 8:00am
  • Latitude: 48 degrees 38 minutes North
  • Longitude: 2 degrees 03 minutes west
  • Average Speed in the Last 24 Hours: 9 knots Distance Travelled in the Last 24 hours: 273nm
  • Total Distance to Destination: 30nm
  • Total Distance Travelled: 13,000nm
  • Temperature: 13 degrees Celsius
  • Sea State: 1
  • Wind State: 1
  • Sailing Status: On Engine
  • Log Keeper: Kiki

Yesterday, there was something in the air—a sense of joy as we approached the port of St. Malo after a grueling 8 days at sea. Finally, some rest. Unfortunately, we still had no wind, but we made way with the engine and gained some time. The day before, we had a stowaway bird with many names. We took care of it and attempted to nurse it back to health. The students are looking forward to some well-deserved shore leave and a break from classes in the lovely port of St. Malo.