30724 – Happy Easter

Daily update:

  • Date: March 31, 2024 (Happy Easter)
  • Latitude: 47 degrees N
  • Longitude: 7 W
  • Average Speed in the Last 24 Hours: 9 knots Distance Travelled in the Last 24 hours: 226 NM
  • Total Distance to Destination: 239 KN Total Distance Travelled: 12,739 KN
  • Temperature: 11 degrees Celsius
  • Sea State: 1
  • Wind State: 1
  • Sailing Status: On Engine
  • Log Keeper: Caity-Rose and Esa
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,
Thank you for continuing to follow our journey. On the 30th, students continued their academic studies while we motored closer to St. Malo. As the angle of wind was not conducive for our square sails, the ship has been propelled by the engine. Students were notified that the social committee had been in contact with the Easter Bunny and would be chartering a helicopter for the Bunny and their entourage to organize an egg hunt on the 31st. For dinner, students, faculty, and crew enjoyed a generous serving of chicken breasts, potatoes, and vegetables. The students’ continuing resolve to complete their academics and nautical duties with varying levels of sleep is truly impressive.