30723 – 15.04.2023 – Greetings from Switzerland!

Greetings from Switzerland! Its been a few days since we updated you on our journey, and in that time we have tidied all of our belongings into our seabags, cleaned our cabins for the last time and set off for the continuation of our voyage over land. It was a very busy time in Bremerhaven, and an emotional one too – saying goodbye to our home afloat and the friends we made. It will take some time to process everything that we experienced.


Yesterday we relaxed into our new home for the next two weeks, A sports camp in the Swiss Alps. There are a few football pitches, a games room with pool tables, hockey, darts and table football, a yoga studio and a gym, and there was a small climbing wall that we might get to use. The air is crisp and there are snow on the peaks. River runs through the camp and we are surrounded by trees. It’s a far cry from the ocean and the great place to land.


Today lesson start how we got into the routine of school with an emphasis on punctuality.


Here is a poem written by Chat GPT from the following instruction:


Write a poem for an assembly for students who have lived on a tall ship called the Alexander von humboldt and are always late for lessons, telling them that they should be on time. Make it sound like a reading from a bible and be funny. Replace all references to ‘captain’ with ‘SD’.


After the first try I told it to make it “shorter and funnier”.


The future is coming…


The Gospel of Punctuality,

For the Students of the Alexander von Humboldt


In days of yore, upon the seas,

A mighty ship sailed with the breeze,

The Alexander von Humboldt, proud and tall,

A classroom on the waves for one and all


Her students, bright and full of zeal,

Did often dawdle and delay,

Late for lessons, they would come,

Like they were still on vacation, having fun.


This ship called Humboldt, sailed ocean blue,

With students who were often tardy, true,

With Lessons missed, excuses made,

The SD patience did often fade.


He proclaimed one day, with a biblical voice,

„Be on time, it’s your only choice!

No more delays, no more lag,

Or your grades will sink, like a shipwrecked rag!“


The SD’s voice would sternly say,

„Be on time, without delay!“

But the students, heedless, would persist,

Disregarding timely bliss.


„Thou shall not linger, thou shall not delay,

Be punctual, and arrive without dismay,

For tardiness is a sin so grave,

That even the waves of the sea can’t save


The bell doth toll, to mark the hour,

Don’t be late, for it has the power,

To turn your grades from fair to foul,

Like a tempest brewing in a squall.“


The students listened, with giggles and grins,

As the SD preached, amidst the din,

But as the words sank deep within,

A change came over, their time to win.


They learned the value of punctuality,

To be on time, with no formality,

And so, with hearts now light and bright,

They arrived on time, with much delight,


So listen up, ye students dear,

No more dawdling, let’s make it clear,

Be on time, don’t miss the boat,

And sail through life with success afloat!