30723 – 07.04.2023 – a wide range of emotions

Today we had an early start (2am to be exact) and left Antwerp at 3am. The 2-4 watch started rotations and the 6hr journey down the river. Once we made it out we quickly got to setting sails and promptly switched off the motor. The wind has been steady at 20 knots allowing us to set 8 out of 10 of our square sails. There is a wide range of emotions from people, some are excited to be off the boat and back on land and some are sad about leaving and not ready to say bye to the Alex. Overall though people are ready for a break and the beautiful scenery that is Switzerland. Our arrival date is set for the 10th so that means just 3 more night watch’s and our voyage is done. Like I said, a wide range of emotions:)

Sending love to my DC people



Time: 8am

Date: 07/04/23

Latitude: 53 N

Longitude: 4 E

Average Speed (24hrs): 6 kn

Distance (24hrs): 150 NM

Total Total Distance: 12,900 NM

Total Distance to Destination: 207 NM

Temperature: 9 C

Sea State: 2

Wind: 4

Sails Set: 10

Log Keepers: Beatrice & Maia