30723 – 06.04.2023 – we spent a day exploring Antwerp

Yesterday we spent the day exploring Antwerp with our watches, solving riddles and learning about the history of various places, people, and works of art. Much to my chagrin, watch 1 dominated the game, finishing with 1900 points! After some well earned lunch, each watch then proceeded to PLNT (a small vertical farming company) for a tour. We were treated to a view of their operations and a few people even got to sample some of their micro greens… out of the compost pile in the back.




Date: April 6th 2023

Time: 8:00 AM

temperature: 10 degrees C

Latitude: 51 N

longitude: 43 E (but likely actually 3?)

Sails set: 0 (motor out of river)

sea state: 1

Wind: 11 knots

Distance in last 24 hours: 43 nm

Total distance since leaving Bremerhaven: 12768 nm

Average speed in last 24 hours: ???