30423 – 27.02.2023 – a night of aggressive rock and roll

After a night of aggressive rock and roll (from the ship), everyone woke yesterday morning for another day of regular classes on the Atlantic ocean. Overheard are some tips for the best sleeping positions to prevent being tossed from your bunk: with toes wedged under mattress, with pillows/packing cubes surrounding entire body, and star-fished. The view from on deck is glorious: huge, white-capped waves practically meet the height of the aft deck, turning a beautiful translucent turquoise at the crest. The wind, an impressive 30-50 knots, does not deter seabirds from gliding alongside our ship and landing on the bowsprit. Below deck is another story: Nesquik powder, milk containers, and jars of honey are among some of the casualties from a particularly unexpected keel. We finally had to unbox fresh mugs, having lost nearly 70 over the course of our journey. Many of the teachers are experiencing bouts of insanity as a result of trying to control classes in which students randomly go flying across the room. Danielle tried to mount a projector on a 20kg weight, thinking, mistakenly, that it would not slide into her Calculus students. Everyone watched as Robby Bobby climbed into a laundry basket in an attempt to toboggan his way across the mess during a chemistry class. Students and faculty are looking forward to our day of no classes tomorrow, which will involve a casino night and Mario Kart tournament.


Love, Meredith


Time: 0800

Date: February 27, 2023

Latitude: 31º43’N

Longitude: 41º37’W

Temperature: 15ºC

Distance in the last 24h: 150nm

Distance to destination: 880nm

Total distance: 9713nm

Speed in the last 24h: 6kn

Sea state: F6

Wind: 50kn

Log Keeper: Andragon