30423 – 28.02.2023 – a crazy day

Yesterday was a free day for students. We spent time playing Mario Kart, watching movies, celebrating Serafina’s birthday, and fixing the ship. The first issue was our dishwasher stopped working and students had to wash dishes by hand. The second was the shelving unit in the middle of the mess detached from the floor and slid into the benches. Everyone was unharmed and students worked together to get through all the dishes and to tie the unit down until we can fix it properly. Everyone was coming off of watch drenched from the rain and the waves splashing over the boat. The first mate reported waves of up to 10 meters. It was a crazy day but overall one for the memories. 

(P.S I love and miss you Mum and Dad -Rafferty

Daily Update

Time: 08:00

Date: 02-28-2023

Lat: 31°30N

Long: 38041W

Temperature: 19°C

Sailing status; 3 sails up

Sea state: F4

Wind: F6

Average speed (last 24h): 6.5 Knts

Distance traveled (last 24h): 150 MM

Distance to destination: 750 NM

Total distance traveled: 9864 NM