30423 – 25.02.2023 – Yesterday marked our 6th day at sea

Yesterday marked our 6th day at sea, however it feels like it’s been soooo much longer. We are currently waiting for a storm to come, however, so far it’s been mostly a very rocky ship and on and off rain showers. Sleep is not coming easily as the ship rolls back and forth but the waves are amazing. Classes have been proceeding as usual but we’ve got a day off coming soon, with an epic Mario Kart Tournament planned and a Celestial Navigation workshop.

News for today: a group of students spent 3 hours furling the besanstagsegal.

Alex McMenomy


(P.S. hello family! I miss y’all so much but the waves out here are radical!)


Time: 0800

Date: 25th Feb, 2023

Latitude: 32 degrees 43 minutes north

Longitude: 48 degrees 3 minutes west

Distance in last 24 hours: 174 nm

Speed in last 24 hours: 7.6 kn

Distance to destination: 1197 nm

Total distance: 9370 – there have been some problems with this but it should be  definitely right tomorrow.

Temperature: 21 degrees Celsius

Sailing status: 2 sails

Sea state: F4

Wind: 25 kn