30423 – 24.02.2023 – 5th day at sea in the CROSSING OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN


plain bread roll with soccer ball design with dijon mustard, 3 spicy salami slices, & 3 cucumber slices 10/10 breakkie



richard the mate spoke

Scarlett was conducting colours today

activity: looking at renee’s socks (sunday at the grand jette by georges suarat)


watch 8-10’am

first helm

  • spotted Olaf (watch lead, tall af {6‘8 ft}, funny dude) – he clapped multiple times when kailey was on the fall of one of the stag sails on starboard side — could see him motivating her from helm
  • did botsman work from 9:30ish-11:19 am ◦scrubbing off the rust
  • musing (metal tightening)
  • trimmed some sails groß and fock
  • loosened schots and holed the hals
  • tightened some gording because the blocks were banging against the mast i love the two swiss crew members on watch: bence (doc) and thomas ◦ they live in Basel, switzerland in the same town!!


after watch continued with boatsman work with Ethan, Maia, Macy, Beatrice, Lauren etc



  • green beans + potatoes (with meat optional) 3/10 cause it was mixed together with hollandaise sauce (weird special sauce)


12:25-2: Nutrition Class

w/ Renee (teacher/adult in the room), Amalie, Chloe, Ellie, Alex, Rafferty, Serafina,  Pasha, Mila, Keira and me (Lea)

keira doing sit ups

planning a dinner date for the nutrition class on the 10th am


1:30 Fire Drill on Deck

  • got an A+ rating from one of the mates

Signed up for Mario kart (don’t rlly know what it entitles or how we will be playing it)  Watching bad moms


Free time 2-4


Snack 3:30

Plain vanilla cookies because we ran out of sugar and that means no bday cake for any

of the upcoming bdays. Me and rafferty s plan in azores us to buy a cake for ourselves days later — hopefully


basically no psychology class cause just personal work time sesh



potatoes, pork chops/slices, and frozen peas + baby carrots – solid 7/10


Sunset – plethora of colours

  • sunset of multitude emotions mashed together (11/10)


Macroeconomics class 6:25-8 pm

  • “i hate diarrhea from the bottom of my heart” – ellie
  • “it’s more like you hate it from the bottom of your bottom” – robby bobby in response to ellie
  • starting Lesson 12: The Supply of Loanable Funds


Naomi currently reading: Cleopatra and Frankenstein by Coco Mellers


Watch 8-10 pm

did some sail training for 30 min about setting and dousing sails did second helm

  • course 0-9-5
  • rudder angle midship(0) to 8 degrees port side third lookout and talked to bence about his life story:
  • when we get off the ship in Bremerhaven and go to Switzerland we’ll be in the southern part; more mountainous best for skiing etc
  • he first studied to be a teacher then switched to medicine and for a while he was a general orthopaedic surgeon
  • he speaks german, basic french, english, Spanish, Italian, and some Arabic
  • he said out-loud numbers 1-10 in Arabic 4 & 10, have an interesting sound — heard the similar sound when we were in morocco & the language is written backwards
  • he said : I don’t speak arabic in arabic well = it might be utterly useless but it’s still cool and interesting to listen to


Pretty cold and windy outside during our watch


Heard about a distress call (taken about 2-3 days ago; a french sailing sailboat  {competitive/racing?} lost/gone missing, around our current location. It’s heading to  Loriant, FR.


Brush teeth 10:17 pm


Go to bed & finish avatar #1



Time: 8:00

Date: 24th February 2023

temperature: 20 C

Latitude: 32 degrees 44 N

Longitude: 51 degrees 22 W

Distance in 24hrs: 129 nm

Total distance this journey: 9707 nm

Speed in the last 24hrs: 5.3 kn

Distance to destination: 1300 nm

Sea State: F3

Wind: 20 kn

Sails: 5

Log keepers: Andragon & Ani