30423 – 23.02.2023 – We celebrate birthdays

When crossing the Atlantic, not much happens. We fall into the routine of sleep, watch, class repeat. We will continue this for the next two weeks. Days tend to blend together. We celebrate birthdays, and today we celebrated Ellie’s! We attend our courses then watches. The meals mark the time of day and sometimes you wake up from a nap two minutes before. Some days the sun is shining and others the rain is pouring. Although, no matter the weather the ocean is a stable force that we have come to rely on and trust. It supports our ship, home, and school. It does toss us around on the ship while rolling on the waves. One minute you’re walking straight and the next you are in a room that is not yours or you’re far off from your intended destination. I am on the 0600-0800 watch and often the clouds blend into the horizon and you don’t know where one ends and the other begins. This is the beauty of the Atlantic crossing. There is support, routine, celebration, trust, and no end in site – yet.




Date: February 23

Wind: 2

Sea state: 3F

Distance in the last 24h: 180 nautical miles

Total distance: 9137 nautical miles

Latitude: 32 * N

Longitude: 54 * W

Temperature: 19*C

Sailing status:  6 sails

Average speed:  7.5 knots

Log keeper: Pasha and Scarlett