30423 – 19.02.2023 – Hamilton is probably the most beautiful at 6am

Hamilton is probably the most beautiful at 6am when I leave for my walk. Over the last couple of days I have been lucky to be joined by a few students who enjoyed the sunrise with me as we walked briskly through the cool morning air and we had wonderful conversations about our lives and all of our hopes and dreams! Big shout out to Keira, Kailey, Alex, Pasha, Alexandra, Andrea, and Scarlett who welcomed the morning with me while we were in Bermuda!

Yesterday was an exciting day as after completing a long walk I joined Mila, Ellie, and Naomi at a Yoga class to get a final good stretch in before we set off for our long 16 day journey across the Atlantic. After yoga we enjoyed the last of our overly expensive iced coffee (which was delicious so I will cry later about the price) and headed off to lunch with David and Eric to join David (who owns the Spirt of Bermuda) at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dingy Club and look at pictures of the Queen who had a special visit to Bermuda in 1953. After lunch Eric and I headed back to the ship to get our teaching resources ready for the next journey, I quickly decided that I needed more coffee instead and went to Brew to enjoy my 10th very expensive Dirty Chai. There I was greeted by many students who were handing in their assignments and doing the last of the research they could before we no longer have access to the internet.

To end the rainy evening I enjoyed some delicious dinner from the hot case at the grocery store and went for one last final walk while we were in port and then headed gently off to sleep after a fulfilling day of exercise, socializing, and, of course, work.

Hope everyone at home is doing well!


Date: Sunday, February 19

Time: 0800

Latitude: 32 degrees North

Longitude 69 degrees West

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 0 as we are still in Hamilton

Total Distance travelled: a lot (we keep redoing the math and somebody keeps throwing away our numbers in the bridge) 🙁  we’ll fix this soon!’

Temperature: 16 degree’s Celsius and partly cloudy

Sea state: 1

Wind: 1

Sailing status: 0 (we are still in port, leaving today)

Log keeper: Mila