30423 – 20.02.2023 – Perhaps I’ve been at sea too long

Yesterday we left Bermuda at 10am. The pilot, Daniel Craig, who you might know as James Bond from the movies, came onto the Alex to steer us out of the harbour. On the way out, the standing watch had to battle with a Kraken and we had a close call, skirting the edge of a whirlpool that could easily have sucked us under, but we survived using grit and determination, qualities that are considered essential for all Ordinary Seamen (and women – technically it should be sea-people). We stayed on motor for most of the day, and we braced. Lessons started on a new schedule and students were super-excited to begin sailing again. And classes. The fridge was full, perhaps a little too full, with very expensive Bermudan yoghurt. It’s going to be a long voyage across the North Atlantic to the Azores and we’re all concerned about each other’s scurvy- potential because we have no fruit, vegetables or quinoa and to add to our woes, the ship goats have all died. Except Ralfie, the baby goat. What a guy! He’s still with us, but his health is fading fast and we’re not entirely sure he is a goat anyway. He’s kinda funny looking.

Not everything I have said is wholly accurate. Perhaps I’ve been at sea too long.



Date: February 20, 202319

Time: 0800

Latitude: 62 degrees West

Longitude 33 degrees North

Average speed in the last 24 hours: 5,1 knots

Total Distance travelled: 8975 nm

Total Distance to destination: 843 nm

Temperature: 16 degree’s Celsius

Sea state: F5

Wind: Force 2 (light breeze)

Sailing status: 5 sails, on motor

Log keeper: Maelle an Ani