30323 – 08.02.2023 – life on the ship settles down to its usual rhythm

As excitement dies down after leaving the Dominican Republic life on the ship settles down to its usual rhythm. With classes keeping students busy, watches completed in now cooling down ocean and finally a opportunity to deal with all the painted laundry from Dominican Rep. As the waves gets taller the ability to walk in the ship becomes a constant test of coordination and knowledge when to sit down. With about a week of sailing remaining to Bermuda life will probably flow in this predictable manner with timetables ruling our lives.



Time: 8:00

Date: February 8th 2023

Latitude: 22 ̊ 02 min North

Longitude: 69 ̊ 05 min West

Average Speed Last 24h: 4.5 Knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: 160 Nautical miles

Total distance traveled this voyage: 7500 Nautical miles

Temperature: 20.5 C ̊

Sea state: 4

Wind: 5

Sailing status: 13 sails are up

Log Keeper: Amelie and Ellie