30323 – 09.02.2023 – The weather is changing as we head north

Yesterday we had a rainy day but we manage to pull thru it, laughing and making the best out of it.

There were some accidents in the dish pit there were some broken cups due to how wavy it is. Some seasickness too. The weather is changing as we head north… it will get colder now, so goodbye to hammock on deck and sunbathing, Hello the North Atlantic. At Snack time we had awesome cinnamon rolls that came to light up our rainy day.


Time: 08:00

Date: Feb/9/23

Latitude: 24. 01 N

Longitude: 69. 51 W

Average speed : 6.4 kn

distance travelled in the last 24 hrs: 142 NM

total distance travelled: 8097 NM

total distance to destination: 637 NM

Temperature: 23 C

Sea state: 4

Wind Force: 4

Sailing Status: 8 sails

Log Keeper: Mila and Ellie