30323 – 06.02.2023 – our next voyage: Bermuda

Hello all!

For the past few days we have spent our time in Las Terrenas, a town on the coast of the Dominican Republic. Las Terrenas is a beautiful, vibrant community with a strong sense of pride and resilience. While we were there, we had the opportunity to participate in some service learning projects intended to help improve the lives of locals in need.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to the families we were staying with and made our way to the beach to participate in a tree planting project in conjunction with four local high schools. The experience was truly incredible and left many of us students with a better understanding of the world the surrounds us. Additionally, it also provided us with an opportunity to think critically about the impact we have on others as well as the privilege that many of us have.

After completing this activity as well as some much needed shore leave, we made our way back to the Alex-2 to prepare to embark on our next voyage: Bermuda! As we settled back into the life aboard, many students and teachers took the chance to have an early night as to be well rested for the days ahead.

Today we will depart and tomorrow you’ll have the next locations and info for our whereabouts and where we’re headed.

Thanks for reading!