30223 – 31.01.2023 – last night we arrived Dominican Republic

We just arrived last night in Dominican Republic. After preparing the Alex 2 for our port arrival by furling the sails, we had a nice time at the early all hands meeting this morning. Now students are excited to get to go out and discover what Dominican Republic has to offer!

Two Photos: Please enjoy a nice picture of the Alex 2 and a plane taken in St-Martin and another one of the view from where we are docked at the moment.


Time: ​​​​​0800hrs UTC

Date: ​​​​​31/01/2023

Latitude:​​ ​​18 deg 20 min N

Longitude: ​​​​52 deg 91 min W

Average Speed Last 24h:  ​​​6.2 knots

Distance in last 24 hrs: ​​​80 Nautical miles (nm)

Total distance traveled this voyage: ​More than 7000 nm

Total distance to destination: ​​0 nm

Temperature: ​​​​22 degree C

Sea state: ​​​​0 on Beaufort Scale (in port)

Wind: ​​​​​Force 2 (light breeze)

Sailing status: ​​​​0 sails up

Log Keeper: ​​​​Blanchou