30.11.2023 – It was another amazing day on class afloat!

Today, students woke up and went to colours with the sun out and shining gorgeously. Students went and did their chores. They went to their day to day classes and after lunch, during study hall, the events planning committee planned to start decorating for Christmas. A bunch of students all listened to Christmas music and put up the Christmas tree. Later on, some students were fishing and they caught a fish, but lost it at the last minute! Soon after, we saw some dolphins on the side of the ship. It was another amazing day on class afloat! -Written by Laura

November 30, 2023  08.00

Latitude: 23 degrees 07.23 min N

Longitude: 19 degrees 02.94 min W

Average speed last 24h: 3 kn

Distance last 24h: 128.2 nm

Total distance travelled: 691.8 nm

Total distance to destination: 504 nm

Temperature: 21C

Sea state: 2

Wind state: 3

Sailing status: on engine

Log keeper: Valerie