29.11.2023 – the ship had a green makeover

Hello, everyone! This is our 3rd day at sea after an amazing port adventure on the stunning island of Madeira. Today, we set many sails and the ship had a green makeover. The orchestra has been hard at work and we can’t wait until the big show coming up. We also had an exciting first catch of the season from the fishing club! And hopefully much more to come! We are all really looking forward to our arrival in Cabo Verde and to explore the beautiful island. Most floaties are excitingly preparing for the once-in-a-lifetime beautiful diving experience. We want thank all of the parents again for an amazing parent port and we are so excited to see you all again soon! – Hennie

29 of November

The time is 08.04

Latitude: 24 degrees 43.51 minutes North

Longitude: 17 degrees 29.84 minutes West

Average speed last 24h: 4.7kn

Distance last 24h: 114.8 nautical miles

Total distance travelled: 563.5 nautical miles

Total distance to destination: 632.3 nautical miles

Temperature: 22 degrees

Sea state: 4

Wind state: 3

Sailing status: sailing with 10 sails

Log keeper: Anya