28.11.2023 – Hello friends and family!

We started out with some smooth sunny sailing and a hardy breakfast! Around midday we passed by more Canary Islands and received connection for our phones. The shouts of excitement about this news could be heard around the boat. Speaking of on deck…A few of our floaties got cool new haircuts up on deck! Then the ship orchestra lead by Tom practiced some of their sea shanties. They sounded amazing! All the hard work left them and a definitely a few others hungry for snack which thanks to the cooks we had some yummy apple cake! Another wonderful surprise of the day was the gorgeous sunset. We ended the day with a yummy chicken dinner. Well it didn’t end for all of us…. Watches must go on! -Anya

Latitude:26 degrees 10.08 minutes North

Longitude: 16 degrees 06.03 minutes west

Average speed last 24h: 3.5kn

Distance last 24h: 174.5 Nautical Miles

Total distance travelled: 448.7 nautical miles

Total distance to destination: 747.2 nautical miles

Temperature: 22 degrees

Sea state: 2

Wind state: 4

Sailing status: on engine

Log keeper: Valerie and Anya